Husband. Father. Son. Friend.

Celebrating the life of Timothy Bosma

On May 6, 2013, Tim Bosma left his home to take two men on a test drive of his pickup truck.  He never returned home. Friends and family launched a social media and ground search poster campaign that quickly went viral.  For those involved in the search, the world stopped when Tim went missing. Eight days after Tim disappeared, Hamilton Police Services announced that Tim’s remains had been discovered; his body burned beyond recognition.

Family of Tim and his wife Sharlene established a trust fund in response to the numerous requests being received to make donations to support their two year old child left without a father. Tim was a father, husband, son, brother and friend. Tim was a doting, proud father to his daughter and loving, supportive husband. He loved spending time with family and friends.  He was Uncle Timmy to his nieces and nephews.  He was quick to laugh, generous with his affections and time. Tim and his wife had an open door policy for those that wished to stop to say hello and maybe stay for dinner. He had a unique laugh that all who knew him will remember.  He was almost always the loudest person around a campfire.  Tim was a story-teller, always at full volume and exaggerating the details with each repeat telling.  He was a planner and a dreamer, always looking to the future. Tim was everybody’s friend and buddy.  Tim was friends with many different groups of people and was the glue that would bring those groups together. Tim was too well loved to ever be forgotten.



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